About East Tennessee Brain and Spine

East Tennessee Brain & Spine Center began in 2000 with one doctor’s vision to bring leading-edge neurosurgical advancement to Northeast Tennessee.  Today, with locations in Johnson City and Kingsport, East Tennessee Brain & Spine routinely performs not only advanced neurosurgical procedures and treatments but also leading-edge spinal surgeries the medical community only dreamed possible a few short years ago.

Johnson City Location

And, yet, while accomplished in our neurosurgical skill, our team is conservative in its approach, first seeking to extensively utilize non-surgical treatment options.

When surgery is necessary, we employ advanced, minimally-invasive, microsurgery procedures and techniques that result in smaller incisions, reduced pain, a shortened-recovery time, and fewer complications than traditional open surgical procedures.

Neurosurgical Highlights

  • ETBS neurosurgeons were the first to use computer-assisted navigation for brain and spine surgery.
  • We’re leaders in minimally-invasive skull base surgery, using a completely endoscopic approach.
  • Our neurosurgeons have extensive experience in advanced technologies, including artificial discs, minimally-invasive spinal surgery, and advanced brain surgery techniques such as cortical mapping for tumors and epilepsy.
  • We’re accomplished in the minimally-invasive endovascular treatment of cerebral aneurysms and arterovenous malformations.

Hand surgery