Do wisdom teeth need to be removed before braces?

do wisdom teeth need to be removed before braces

Many people now prioritize their dental health as material life becomes more abundant. When it comes to projecting, crooked, underbites, crooked teeth, and inappropriate bites, the chosen orthodontic technique is especially helpful. Many individuals do, however, ponder whether wisdom teeth should be removed in order to wear braces. Take note of the particular details below if you are looking for the answer.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth refer to the third molars located at the bottom of the dental arches, behind the molars. Considered a relic of evolution, they had the same chewing function as other molars. Wisdom teeth played a major role in chewing tougher foods like vegetables and raw meat.

The wisdom tooth is counted from the middle of the eighth tooth in the jaw. That’s why it’s often called 8.

Normally, each person has 2 wisdom teeth in the upper jaw and 2 in the lower jaw. Thus, everyone should have four wisdom teeth, and one speaks of 32 teeth. Often the wisdom teeth break through relatively late.

Wisdom teeth are no longer useful to humans due to the evolution of lifestyles. The human jaw is made up of the following parts to meet its needs:

  • The incisors: There are eight of them. The mouth has four lateral and four central incisors. They serve as cutters and only have one root.
  • Canines: Canines, like incisors, have a single root. They are four in number and are utilized to crush food into small pieces while allowing other teeth to move out of the way.
  • Premolars: Premolars are utilized for food grinding. Eight premolars with one to two roots and two points are present.
  • Molars: Molars are used for food grinding as well. They operate, nonetheless, more forcefully than the premolars. Molars typically have three roots and eight teeth.

do wisdom teeth need to be removed before braces

Why have wisdom teeth extracted?

The removal of wisdom teeth was once routinely recommended by orthodontists. Today’s specialists are less likely to encourage extractions, and only when doing so could lead to consequences, such as infection or patient discomfort, is the urge to do so. You should be aware that some people have semi-included wisdom teeth, which puncture the gum but do not fully develop due to a lack of room in the mouth. The hazards of infections and pain become evident in situations like these.

do wisdom teeth need to be removed before braces

Do teeth shift after wisdom tooth removal?

The teeth, particularly the molars, may move as a result of a wisdom tooth removal owing to bone remodeling.

Wisdom tooth extraction is not a sign that you need braces. Many people believe that wisdom teeth impose pressure on other teeth when they pierce the gum, causing other teeth to migrate and increasing dental overlap. Contrary to popular perception, wisdom teeth do not cause changes in the position of other teeth.

Numerous investigations have demonstrated that another tooth movement is not primarily brought on by wisdom teeth. Dental displacements frequently happen following extractions, even when teeth have been removed.

Only dental concerns, such as potential pain, necrosis, and infections, are the justifications given for wisdom tooth removal. Therefore, it is incorrect to believe that the development of wisdom teeth and the removal of wisdom teeth for the express aim of stopping tooth movements can be linked to orthodontic recurrences.

do wisdom teeth need to be removed before braces

How to prevent teeth from moving?

Other than wisdom teeth, teeth can move over time for a number of different reasons. For instance, when you chew, your teeth have a little bit of motion so they may respond to forces applied to them.

Teeth shift during a person’s lifetime as a result of a variety of environmental factors, which range in severity (chewing, mouth pressure, lip pressure, etc.). You still run the chance of having some poor tooth alignment develop or return, even if your teeth are perfectly aligned naturally or after treatment. A teeth compression can be worn to delay dental changes or keep teeth in their proper positions.

Braces and wisdom teeth

When necessary, orthodontic treatment must be performed first after the wisdom teeth have been removed. The specifics of each case, nevertheless, must always be addressed.

Before anything else, it needs to be made clear that wisdom teeth are not typically removed. It’s not necessary to pull them if they are healthy. The treatment might still include your wisdom teeth, even if they are a little misaligned.

do wisdom teeth need to be removed before braces

However, wisdom teeth are an issue for a lot of people. Please adhere to your dentist’s recommendations in such circumstances. In order to protect the jaw and teeth, wisdom teeth must frequently be removed. Before receiving treatment with invisible braces, the wisdom teeth must be extracted, particularly if they are a contributing factor in your malocclusion.

It would be unfortunate, not least in light of the costs of therapy, if troublesome wisdom teeth were not removed. So if there are doubts about whether your wisdom teeth should be extracted or not, this can be checked with a scan at the orthodontist.

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