Is it normal to itch before period?

is it normal to itch before period

Perhaps the majority of women experience varying degrees of discomfort prior to the start of a new monthly cycle. For some, it appears as increased anxiety and exhaustion, as well as other symptoms like gastrointestinal disorders and abdominal pain. Less frequently, women will complain of itchiness in the vulva or even across the body before their period. Such symptoms are concerning. Is this a common or serious issue?

Can there be itchiness before menstruation?

The female body will occasionally attempt to signal the presence of a specific issue by exhibiting peculiar symptoms. For instance, discomfort may develop inside or outside of the vagina before menstruation. In fact, it is happening, and this sign cannot be ignored.

There may be many reasons for this unusual thing: we will talk about it later. One thing is clear, it is necessary to visit a doctor if the symptoms did not go away after the period.

is it normal to itch before period


Before making a diagnosis, you should take into account all of the possible causes for the appearance of irritation before menstruation.

  • The thrush, also known as candidiasis, is a fungal illness that typically manifests as a discharge that can resemble cottage cheese. This type might occur before menstruation, during, or after sex.
  • Hormonal imbalance is a disease that many women don’t think of. In fact, hormonal influences can be very strong and show a variety of symptoms, including irritation. The second phase of the monthly cycle is frequently marked by high estrogen levels and low progesterone levels. It results in edema, potassium deficiency, and illnesses related to water metabolism and electrolyte balance. It also promotes fluid retention in tissues. All of these symptoms disappear after the hormone balance has returned to normal.
  • Inflammatory processes in the genital area – for example, colpitis, vaginitis, cervicitis. Such diseases can be accompanied not only by irritation but also by white-and-white vaginal exits. 
  • Sexual infections, sexually-in-fact diseases – in particular, we’re talking about gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, genital herpes.
  • The allergic process is a common cause of irritation before menstruation. The allergies can be caused by pads, sanitation and detergents, tampons, and even underwear.
  • Not adequate hygiene of the genitals, and perineal area.
  • Somatic diseases (heart pathologies, kidney diseases, respiratory diseases, injuries).
  • Nerve breakdowns, stress, depressive state, neuroses.

Risk factors

is it normal to itch before period

Some people itch for the same reason, whereas others do not. Why is this happening? The truth is that several risk factors play a significant influence in determining the severity of unpleasant symptoms. The most common factors are:

  • poor immunity, hypothermia, malnutrition;
  • insufficient hygiene (insufficient or, vice versa, excessive), too dry and sensitive skin;
  • having bad habits (smoking, drinking alcohol or drugs), prolonged or improper treatment of certain drugs (especially dangerous drugs without indication, with dosage violations, etc.);
  • the use of insufficient daily fluid volume, dehydration;
  • exposure to chemical agents;
  • prone to allergy, wearing synthetic underwear;
  • frequent or deep stress, depression, nervous breakdowns;
  • periods of strong hormonal changes (recent abortions, taking hormonal drugs, age after 45 years, etc.);
  • overweight, endocrine diseases


I recommend that you consult with your doctor for the best solution. You should note the information below so that when you go to the doctor, you can determine the exact cause thanks to the data you have recorded.

To precisely evaluate the reason for your premenstrual itching, you must keep note of your periods, the frequency of this symptom, and whether it persists after your period finishes.

If necessary, the doctor will do the required tests to determine the cause of the problem, which may involve hormonal studies, such as estradiol, prolactin, and progesterone levels. You may also be requested to perform general tests (blood, urine), allergy tests, and other examinations.

Different diagnosis

A differential diagnosis is performed:

  • with dermatological itching (atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, dermatology infections);
  • with systemic irritation (with liver disease, chronic kidney failure, blood disorders);
  • with neurogenic itching (peripheral and central nervous system diseases);
  • with psychogenic irritation.

For example, hormonally caused by skin dryness and mucous membranes, cholestasis, iron deficiency anemia, and changes associated with age can also cause limited itchy sensations.

If it is impossible to establish the cause of itchiness before menstruation by diagnostic means, then having an idiopathic disorder is indicated.


is it normal to itch before period

Women who frequently itch when their period starts should lead a healthy lifestyle, give up unhealthy habits, understand how to balance work and rest, and stay away from stress. You ought to consume fewer carbohydrates and salt throughout the second stage of your cycle. Additionally, engaging in physical activity has several advantages, including cycling, swimming, yoga, and aerobics.

Here are some methods for minimizing premenstrual itching.


Before your period, itching might be lessened by taking additional vitamins. Increase your intake of meals high in calcium, B vitamins, and zinc if you’re worried about discomfort during this time.

The health of a woman’s vascular network is directly impacted by the body’s deficiency of potassium and magnesium as a new menstrual cycle begins. You should eat more of the foods that are rich in many of these sources, such as bran, apricots, nuts, seeds, and herbs.

Giving the body tocopherol, or vitamin E, along with the aforementioned mineral will also help to relieve the condition. Nuts, cereals, vegetable oils, and other foods contain this vitamin.

Physiotherapy Treatment

Along with drug therapy and psychotherapy, physical therapy can be recommended, allowing you to take less medication while still receiving the full benefits of the treatment. By stabilizing the patient’s hormonal background and psycho-emotional state, these physical effects will aid in restoring the central nervous system’s and autonomic nervous system’s normal functions.

Herbal treatment

is it normal to itch before period

By employing a number of beneficial herbal products, you can supplement conventional treatments. Herbs can be combined as follows:

  • Licorice root, yarrow, and juniper fruit.
  • Daisies, cudweed grass, and hawthorn blossoms.

Regardless of when you eat, you are allowed to drink periodically throughout the day.

You can also make perilla tea. Two times a day, in between meals, sip this tea.

Drinking cornflower tea will also be quite beneficial for reducing itching. Morning, afternoon, and evening are all appropriate times to drink it.


Preventative steps for premenstrual itchiness are always crucial; by being prepared, you can lessen tension, back discomfort, and other unpleasant symptoms of your period, in addition to itching.

  • Hormonal preparations.

They are taken only in the direction of a gynecologist, and never on their own. It applies to both hormone replacement therapy and oral contraceptive.

  • Calm medicines.

Such funds are recommended to be taken shortly before the start, as well as during periods. Valerian tinctures, viburnum bark, peony rhizome, and mint tea are the most appropriate.

  • Removing bad habits.

The irritation before menstruation often worries women with one or more addictions – for example, they smoke, drink alcohol, or drink a lot of hard coffee during the day. Therefore, such practices should be abandoned as soon as possible.

  • Proper Nutrition.

Eating only healthy foods is the foundation of good health. It is recommended to strictly limit or completely exclude foods such as vulnerabilities, pastry, soda, excess fatty, and spicy foods from the diet.

  • Physical Activity.

is it normal to itch before period

A physically active life significantly affects the health of women – of course, in a positive way. Walking, sporting training, outdoor games, swimming, cycling – all of which not only improve metabolic processes but also enables the making of serotonin and endorphin – substances known to many as “joy hormones.” Among other things, an active life reduces the craving for unhealthy foods.

  • Timely and complete rest.

Throughout the cycle, including before menstruation, we should not forget about the quality of rest. And it’s not just a healthy night’s sleep: you can take a course in massage techniques, take a relaxing bath, or walk in the park. There seems to be no complexity. But in a simple way, many problems with the nervous system can be prevented, including irritation before menstruation.

  • The development of resistance to stress.

In moments of conflict situations, it is important to be able to effectively get away from stress or to avoid unwanted situation development, if possible.

  • Timely treatment of the disease.

To make the irritation before menstruation never bothers you, it is important to contact doctors on time and treat any diseases – inflammatory or allergic processes, fungal infections, dysbacteriosis, etc.  

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